Pond Liming Calculator

Liming is a part of pond management which has several beneficial effects on the pond and health of fish.


  • In general, it enhances pond productivity, improves sanitation.

  • It kills pond bacteria, fish parasites and their intermediate lifecycle stages.

  • It builds up alkaline resources and effectively stops the fluctuation of pH by its buffering action.

  • It provides Calcium (Ca) needed for plant growth and for bone and scales formation of fish.

  • It reduces the poisonous effect of iron compounds and Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) ions.

  • It increases the pH of bottom mud and thereby increases the availability of phosphorus added in water.

But, Excess of lime is troublesome because of its toxic effect.

Points to be considered:

  • Liming should never be combined with phosphorus fertilization as this would produce the insoluble compound calcium phosphate.

  • Some time (10 to 15 days) must be allowed before stocking the fish so that its toxic effect is lost by its conversion into the bi-carbonate.

Liming is generally done before fish farming and during the fish farming at monthly time interval. The preparatory dose and monthly dose are different and it should be considered well.

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